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Together We Can

Hey Everyone, It's Helen (PRO) here with a little request.

We have set up a crowdfunding page to help us raise £15,000 to support the work we do with Neurodiverse Individuals, their families and carers. We have an amazing follower base and if everyone was able to donate a minimum of £1 that would push us so much closer to our goal.

We would love it if you could donate using the link below to access our project page.

My Money-My Choices:

Finally, if you are a taxpayer, please consider Gift Aiding your donation. By confirming you wish to gift aid your donation, we can claim an additional 25%. This means that if you donate £10, the value of your donation will actually be £22.50.

We currently have 40 days left on our campaign, so if you can please donate.

Once again Thank You for your support, it really does mean the world to us, Your support means we can further the support we give to families, carers and individuals living with neurological conditions.


Public Relations Officer

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