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Have a read at what our past clients and volunteers have said about NDUK, Some clients have videoed their testimonials for you



​Comber autism support group has been a rock to me. I found it scary to talk to others about my concerns that someone I hold very dear may have signs of autism,but I'm so glad that I went, although we are going through the assessment process I don't feel alone I feel held up on God's wings through these amazing people.I have made some amazing friends who I treasure, I can ask for advice without fear. I was helped through the emotional process of filling in forms for an assessment, and I know what ever the result I will be able to get the support that I need.I would highly recommend the centre to anyone who is concerned about autism traits in themselves or their loved ones. The centre is a real blessing to me and my family.

Video Testimonials


I started goin to the group just over a year ago, the 1st thing I attended was art therapy it was amazing. Since that I have done loads of courses ie sign language, first aid among others ... In the yr of starting I have meet so many new friends who go through the same things so we can have cuppat and discuss what's goin on with our children and we can try different things to help cope ... The art therapy has been on every wed and has been fantastic it just helps to switch off to any problems the

technics we learn have been fantastic ... The group has been very supportive in a lot of ways to me and my children is nice to know if I have a problem or just need company casg is there and anyone of the group is there for support. 

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Past Volunteer

"I am a student volunteer who works at the Neurodiversity UK centre casual hours. The centre has helped me as there is a strong community of people who are happy to help each other. It feels like a family of support. Working at the centre has been therapeutic for me as I have had the opportunity to use my talents and abilities to both support people affected by, and with mental health conditions as well as learning difficulties. I have also been able to use my talents with admin work and other work within the centre."



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