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Time We Hit the Road Jack... Neurodiversity UK Roadshows at SERC

Sorry this is a little late in the timeline of things but back in February, we had a month of hitting the road. We were at two roadshows held by SERC.

First one that Helen and Kirsty our Family Support Facilitator, attended was Newtownards, Community Support Event informing students, staff and support systems of the support available to them. It was a very well laid out event in terms of accessibility as the whole foyer seemed to have good flow, allowing people to move and co-ordinate help efficiently. It was really interesting to hear the different perspectives on levels of support given to them over the years. It really drives home the reality of how different every neurological case is... It is why we focus so heavily on person centred support. We are living in a world where accommodations are becoming more and more prevalent in the workplace and more importantly society in general. Ignoring the issue isn't going to make the issue disappear, instead having a society of ostriches who bury their heads in the sand is just going to make the whole issue worse until it reaches a critical level... Ok Back to the roadshows before Helen goes on another tirade.

I don't think either Helen or Kirsty stopped interacting with people the whole day.

Day 2 this time we went to Downpatrick and it was such a lovely trip outside our usual sphere, well at least for Helen. Kirsty and I got set up, Helen actually managed to get the stands up without it flying in her face for once. LOL. Kirsty recognised a few familiar faces from the Neurocafe she had visited before. I think next time though we won't pick a spot just by the door as the wind was a complete hindrance to our signage. It wasn't as busy as Day 1. But Helen is a listener as much as she talks, she loves just listening to life stories and working out the best type of support. Your stories are so inspiring and seeing how strong every individual / carer is, actually fills Helen's little heart with so much joy, I feel pride for every person who overcomes adversity. If you ever feel like sharing your stories with us please do, send them to and we will feature them in the gazette, 

Once you refer into our system we know your story will be forever changed because we have a dedicated team of men and women, working behind the scenes to make the world more neuroinclusive for you. obviously with your names redacted for privacy reasons.

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