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Our Community has hit a major Milestone!!!

It is time to throw the confetti, Neurodiversity UK hit a major milestone today Wednesday 13th March.

Our PRO has been checking our stats daily to check how close we are to hitting the 5000 mark and doing her thing this afternoon whilst waiting for her lift, she noticed a new number appear under the following of our Facebook account, She was so used to seeing 499x that it took a moment to register that it was 5000! Our not-so-little community has grown to 5000 amazing supporters and we could not do any of the work we do without you, your shares likes and comments, all mean the world to us, and to celebrate the fact, we want to highlight more of your stories, So leave us a message in our contact page, give us a call, make an appointment to come in and see us. You are the reason behind the work we do, We want to make the world a more neuro-inclusive place, and we will succeed one family, one individual at a time through our person-centred care.

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