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Neurodiversity UK Honours Carers Week : Celebrating Unsung Heroes

Happy Carers Week Everyone who is an amazing Carer doing the hard work day in day out looking after those who need an extra hand.

At Neurodiversity UK we want to say an extra big thank you because you truly are incredible superheroes of our society and the neurodiverse individuals we support are truly thankful for all the support you give to them.

Just before carers week Our PRO met with one amazing carer who went up to Stormont to the Carers Week Launch to help drive home the message that carers need more support. You can find that interview on our newly set up youtube channel, (

Later on today Friday 14th June our PRO will be putting out a very special edition of our Neurogazette, focusing on our unsung heroes with practical ways to support them and a transcript of the video for those unable to watch, plus some truly incredible stories that have been in the news recently which focus on carers but have got downplayed due to other news events. So keep an eye on our socials and subscribe to our email list with a check in that I want the newsletter button if you want to be the first to read the latest issue.

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