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Game-changing programmes and services are coming to Neurodiversity UK this autumn!

Hey Everyone and Happy Summer


For us at Neurodiversity UK Summer is a time when we get to look at the year to come and see what services we will offer in the new term and with that being said, we’ve made a few changes to the schedule for both the Wellbeing hub and the services we provide. Don’t worry we haven’t taken any programmes away, we are just adding new ones.


For our Young people, we have:

Our Adult Programmes include

Our Wellbeing hub has a brand new class starting in September

Please welcome Neurospicy Tai Chi to our wellbeing hub alongside our regular Yoga classes.


Our Serenity Hub has new treatments too.


Oh and we can't forget Beauty By Lesley, Their moment of beauty will be back in September

All our Programmes and Services are accessed through referral at Neurodiversity UK to find out more don't hesitate to get in touch with us, via our webpage or head office phone number at 02891 897677

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