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Breaking Barriers: Neurodiversity UK Explores LGBTQIA+ training with Cara-Friend.

“Cara-Friend is pleased that Neurodiversity UK have completed our Educating the Educators: LGBTQIA+ Awareness Training on 16th April 2024. The training provides invaluable awareness and knowledge about the LGBTQIA+ community, and how we can help promote inclusion, diversity, equality and respect within businesses, organisations, schools, youth groups and the wider society.  It highlights the need for greater awareness and understanding of LGBTQIA+ issues and we are so pleased that Neurodiversity UK have completed the training. We are looking forward to working with Neurodiversity UK in the future.”  - Gemma Cara-Friend

On Tuesday April 16th Neurodiversity UK were pleased to attend Educating the Educators with Cara-Friend as we believe in inclusivity for all no matter who you are, Neurodiversity UK believes that you should be treated as an equal in society. It was great to hear both lived experiences and views from professionals of current LGBTQIA+ practices in schools and wider society of how we all need to be ore aware of the issues facing the community, and we are proud to be making some internal changes to our systems to be fully respectful of a person's individual journey to live a fully thriving life with acceptance love and support.

We can't wait to work with Cara-Friend in the future.

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