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A Little means so MUCH


We are beyond grateful for every person who is helping us reach our goal of further supporting and educating neurodiverse individuals on how to thrive and live independently.

Why We Are Crowdfunding?

Every child, young person and young adults have the right to live worthwhile,  valued and independent lives. However, not all with Neurodiversity can enjoy such ambitions. Many have never been offered basic financial advice. However, we work tirelessly every day to change this.

You have all been amazing

We started this campaign just over a month ago and you have so far raised 64% of our goal. With 11 days left, You have been incredible, But we just need a little moer support, if you have already supported could you share our campaign with your friends, the further we can spread the word about who we are and what Neurodiversity UK do, (a) the more people it is we can support (b) we could reach our goal.

Donate Here

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