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Lets... Talkback with BBC Radio Ulster

Never a dull day in the office.

On Monday afternoon the BBC approached us regarding an item of interest on the Late Late show this weekend past. It was about autism and being diagnosed later in life. Having only our words printed in the papers before, we were beyond excited to accept the invite and be a voice for the Neurodivergent community.

Ruth asked Lesley to come along and be Helen's buddy as it was Helen's first interview for the charity. Little did Lesley realise that Ruth had planned for Helen to talk about the diagnosis and leave the charity talk to Lesley. Sorry, Lesley!

Our segment started around 12:30ish. If Helen was nervous, she didn't show it. We walked in and sat down as William was finishing another segment. It was time we were about to go on air. Initially, we talked about how hard getting a diagnosis is and how the majority of assessments are done privately... (We need the NHS to step up on that - More on that in another story) We chatted about how little support there is out there for adults once they turn 18. The texters into the show were amazing I (Helen) loved hearing the stories from those listeners. I could really relate to them, the comment about neurodiverse individuals tolerating the overwhelms. It was interesting to hear from another organisation about their views about the barriers to employment and education. I am going to ask a question and I would love to see the comments section filled with replies, Do you as a Neurodiverse individual or family member want more support from the employment sector? If so, we will try to help educate employers about ND traits and help them utilise your strengths they have not thought of.

Future plans for us include doing articles on overload and how to manage it. Look out on Social Media for questions about it.

We look forward to working with the BBC on future endeavours!

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