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A Night to Remember!!

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Oh What A Night!

We ate like royalty and had a ball, there won't be another night like Saturday 14th October for a while....

Can we just take a moment to say how beautiful everyone looked on the red carpet... A big thank you to Gorgeous Photography NI and Perfetto Balloons for giving us such a wonderful entrance.

We want to extend a special thank you to Chris at the La Mon for his swift attention to changes needing made and being an awesome DJ at the start and in between Helen getting up on stage. Our presentation went off without a hitch, leaving few dry eyes in the house - Thanks Andrea! No really you really deserved charity of the night and we look forward to finding out the total raised ... once you have recovered.

It was lovely to be able to celebrate our boxers and their coaches! You've all done amazing and seeing how far you have come and how far we know you will go. Jamie Thank you for your speech, it was beautiful and touched many a heart. We look forward to seeing you grow into the lovely young man, you are.

To all our volunteers we want you to remember, YOU ARE YOU & THATS THAT! YOUR CONDITIONS DON'T DEFINE YOU.

Thank you for all your volunteering help over the last 10 years, From working in the shop to behind the scenes you've all made the support we are able to provide possible.

Now onto my favourite part of the night where I as PR got to shine the spotlight on the amazing ladies that made the charity a reality. Ruth our founder... None of this would have even started if it wasn't for your determination. Lesley - My work wife, there is never a dull day in the office when you and I are side by side, you pick me up when I am down and even when the filter goes we all still love you. Leah - Everyone's big sister, always one with a hug, and some good reality checks. Kirsty - I'm sorry for all the times I've bent your ear in the last 5 months, just know I wouldn't be able to be me without you.

We hope everyone enjoyed the Motown Sensations - as a charity we love them. They are amazing singers ... Thanks for picking us up after Rock the Boat, I'd still be on the floor.

Remember to keep an eye on our socials - We will be posting up when we get all your printed photos in to collect.

Again... Thank you to everyone who made our night special, it will be one we remember for years to come.

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