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Ruth Magee
Ruth Magee Founder

Założyciel i dyrektor generalny

When Ruth's son was diagnosed with a neurological condition, CAMHS (Child and adolescent mental health services) in the Royal Victoria Hospital offered great support for him. But, when Ruth herself needed support and guidance for being the best parent that she could be, she found that there was very few options available to her; the best support was offered in Belfast, and by the South Eastern trust - the absence of local options was sorely felt. So, Ruth set out to correct this, creating Neurodiversity UK to Help and Support parents and carers of children with Neurodevelopmental conditions. Ruth herself has ADHD and Dyslexia, knowing first hand what life is like on both sides of the coin; not only being a parent/carer of a Neurodiverse child, but having been living as a Neurodiverse person since childhood. Ruth has multiple diplomas, in ASD, ADHD, Child Psychology, SPD, Mental Health, Sport and is a fullyqualified AMT (Autism Movement Therapist).

Lesley Neill
Lesley Neill Chairperson


Finance &



Lesley started volunteering with us in 2013 after she attended an open day here at the charity, and found great Help and Support offered for herself, as a parent to a Neurodiverse child. Wanting to find a way of giving back to the charity which had helped her so much, Lesley chose to donate her time and effort. Lesley is a first-aider, and has a NVQ Lv3 in Childcare and Education, alongside a diploma in ASD

Leah Taylor

Vice Chair

Leah Taylor Education officer

Leah began volunteering at NDUK in 2014, after she came to us for support when her son was diagnosed with a neurological condition. Leah is qualified in BSL (British Sign Language) and Makaton (a children's sign language), She has a BEd with (hons) (Special Needs Teaching), and has associated qualifications in Asthma, Epilepsy and Manual Handling. Leah is our Child Protection and Safeguarding Officer

Kirsty Hull

Sekretarka i koordynatorka dobrego samopoczucia

Kirsty Hull Wellbeing Officer

Kirsty dołączyła do organizacji charytatywnej w 2015 roku, gdy u jej syna zdiagnozowano schorzenia neurologiczne i potrzebował wsparcia jako rodzic/opiekun. Wdzięczna za to wsparcie Kirsty zapragnęła pomagać innym i organizacji charytatywnej. Zaczęła pracować jako wolontariuszka dwa dni w tygodniu.

Kirsty holds qualifications in full for ASD, Autism Movement Therapy, ADHD, Sociology and Child Psychology and recently a diploma in Counselling Skills.



Support Pet


Reggie came to the charity when he was 11 weeks old, as our Director of Operations Support Animal, and has quickly established himself as an Emotional Support Animal for clients and staff, by providing pressure therapy when required, distracting clients from their worries by giving you toys to take your mind off your worries, giving hugs and affection whenever possible.

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