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Employability Programme
Employablity Poster, 16 Years or older get started with us

For those 16 and over and needing a hand up, we can offer students who struggled to obtain English and Mathematics another chance to try again. Starting in Employment we teach young people skills in retail, customer care, health and safety as well as some interpersonal skills i.e. timekeeping. To give them a good start in the world.


Still in School and looking to do your Duke of Edinburgh Award? We partner with Duke of Edinburgh for your service and fitness awards... check out our partner page for more info We work closely with local businesses to progress you into a career of your choosing. We can signpost you to careers advisors who will understand your situation and work with you to get you into a supportive career.

Job Start

If you are aged 16 to 24, unemployed and finding it hard to get a job, the JobStart Scheme offers paid job opportunities to help you improve your employment skills

At NeurodiversityUK we know how hard finding employment can be if you are neurodivergent, which is why we have partnered with Jobstart to help educate employers and employees on how amazing working with a neurodivergent individual can be. Neurodivergent individuals may be able to bring your business outside the box and provide new ideas you may not have thought of before 


Just entered employment and find yourself struggling?


At NeurodiversityUK we offer a range of services to help you live an independent life...

Send us a message through contact us and someone will be in touch as soon as they can

We Want You
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