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What is the NeuroGazette

The Neurogazette, set up in 2023 by Helen McBriar (PRO) is our way of keeping you in the loop with current events from the charity, news that directly affects our readers  and soon a place where we can share some interesting interviews with local stories to inspire and bring the community together.


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Share Your Story

Do you have a powerful story that deserves to be heard? Are you ready to make a difference in the world? Join our community of storytellers and help us inspire change!


At NeurodiversityUK, we believe that every individual's story has the power to create impact and spark positive change. Whether you've overcome adversity, achieved a personal milestone, or witnessed a remarkable journey, your story matters.

By sharing your experiences, you can:


  •  Provide hope and encouragement to others facing similar challenges.

  • Raise awareness about important issues and causes.

  • Foster empathy and understanding within our global community.


We could feature your story in our campaigns, publications, and social media platforms, reaching thousands of people worldwide. Together, we can amplify voices, ignite compassion, and create a brighter future for all.

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